Golden LEAF Scholarship Program Intern Spotlight: Jala Hill

Golden LEAF Scholarship Program Intern Spotlight: Jala Hill

April 11, 2024

Name: Jala Hill
County from: Washington County
Current County: Martin County
Current College Attending/ Years Attended: East Carolina University (2024-2025)
Year in School: Junior
Areas of Study: Business Administration with a concentration in Management

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What does it mean to you to serve as an intern at Golden LEAF?
Serving as an intern at the Golden LEAF means to me that I am playing a part in making a difference in scholars’ lives. I feel that it is a privilege to reach out to scholars, attend events, and hear different stories through survey responses on forms through various campaigns and events. It also means to me that I am giving back to the Golden LEAF Foundation for helping me as a Golden LEAF Community Colleges Scholarship recipient at Martin Community College. 

What have you learned that you didn’t think would be a part of Scholarship Program work?
I learned that internships are more than just experience. It’s an opportunity to play a role in something bigger than yourself. I also learned that Golden LEAF staff will help you become professional, work on your weaknesses, and build a network so you can succeed in your future career. 

What are some of your favorite things you do as an intern at Golden LEAF?
Some of my favorite things to do as an intern at the Golden LEAF Foundation are to reach out to scholars, update databases, create social media campaigns and post templates. I also love to assemble packages and event bags because it allows me to think of another creative way to do it more efficiently.

Describe Golden LEAF in three words.
Positive. Giving. Creative.

What type of work do you want to do when you graduate and where do you see yourself living and working?
The type of work I want to do after my internship is to look for other internships to continue to build my resume and build my professionalism. After graduation, I plan to work for organizations that give back to their community or help prepare future students for the workforce.

Would you like to share any words of advice for prospective interns?
As President Scott Hamilton of the Golden LEAF Foundation told me on my first day here, “don’t be afraid to ask questions because everyone who has worked here on the first day had the same question.” Have patience when it comes to your tasks. Enjoy and embrace this opportunity because it will fly by faster than you know it.

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