Flood Mitigation Program


The State of North Carolina provided funds to the Golden LEAF Foundation to award funds to units of local government for public infrastructure projects for flood mitigation.

Award Amount

Up to $250,000 may be awarded per project.

Eligible Entities

Funds may only be awarded to units of local government. Local governments from all 100 counties are eligible. For purposes of this program, units of local governments include counties and cities and their boards, agencies, commissions, authorities, and institutions.

Eligible Projects

  • Construction of new or improvement of existing publicly owned stormwater infrastructure, including natural drainage infrastructure and flood control equipment.
  • Repair of existing stormwater infrastructure damaged or destroyed by flooding, which must include improvements to mitigate against future flooding.
  • Engineering expenses related to planning and development of flood mitigation solutions.

Ineligible Projects

This program is focused on mitigating the causes of flooding.

Stream Debris Removal
At this time, stream debris removal is not an eligible use of funds in this program. Applicants are encouraged to pursue the Streamflow Rehabilitation Assistance Program through the Department of Agriculture and/or stream debris removal funds available through the Department of Environmental Quality.

Buildings, Generators, Etc.
Funds may not be used for projects to improve or alter other infrastructure, including elevation of buildings, elevation of controls or other improvements of water or sewer infrastructure, or other related projects to protect the infrastructure from flooding.

Land Acquisition
Funds may not be used to acquire property, regardless of intended use.

Application Review and Notification

Applicants will be notified when their proposal is scheduled for consideration at a meeting of the Golden LEAF Board of Directors. This notification typically occurs no less than ten days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting. Applications will not necessarily be taken up at the next meeting of the Board or in the order they are received.

The Golden LEAF Board of Directors will decide whether or not to fund the proposal, request more information, or take some other action. Communications regarding the application and the Board’s action will be sent to the Project Director on the application form.


Golden LEAF expects that applications will exceed funds available for this program and the Golden LEAF Board of Directors will have to prioritize projects for awards. Applications will not be recommended for funding on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Characteristics of competitive proposals include:

  • Efforts to mitigate against frequent flooding, including hazards with a frequency beyond a hurricane or other named storm.
  • Clear benefit for residents, businesses, and other entities within a community with priority on those where flooding poses a risk for life, health, and safety.
  • A demonstrated likelihood of success and feasibility demonstrated by engineering reports and analysis by professional engineers.
  • A current (within the last six months) estimate of probable cost or other similar document
  • Linked to a comprehensive stormwater assessment or planning effort with community support.
  • Sustainable outcomes that can be maintained following use of funds.
  • For applications to support planning efforts, a reasonable strategy for implementation.

If you have questions about this program, including prioritization of projects, please submit the inquiry form linked here.

How do I apply?
An online application is available at the Golden LEAF grant portal.

  • For instructions on how to access the new grant portal for the first time, click here and select the appropriate quick reference sheet:
    • New applicants, select and follow the instructions for “How to Create an Account”.
    • Former applicants using the same e-mail address as for a prior application, select and follow the instructions for “How to Log In”.
  • If you already have an account in Golden LEAF’s new grant management system, click here to log in.
  • Click “Apply for Funding” then “Apply for a Grant” in the Flood Mitigation and Recovery section to access the application.

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