Frequently Asked Questions

The Golden LEAF Foundation will accept applications from units of local government for public infrastructure projects for flood mitigation.

How do I apply?

An online application is available at the Golden LEAF grant portal.

  • For instructions on how to access the new grant portal for the first time, click here and select the appropriate quick reference sheet:
    • New applicants, select and follow the instructions for “How to Create an Account”.
    • Former applicants using the same e-mail address as for a prior application, select and follow the instructions for “How to Log In”.
  • If you already have an account in Golden LEAF’s new grant management system, click here to log in.
  • Click “Apply for Funding” then “Apply for a Grant” in the Flood Mitigation and Recovery section to access the application.

Who can I contact with questions about my project?

Please submit your inquiry using the form linked here. A member of the Golden LEAF team will respond within one business day.

When are applications due?

Golden LEAF will accept applications on a rolling basis until all available funds are awarded. If you have questions regarding how quickly an application could be acted on following submission, please contact us. The calendar provides an overview of upcoming meeting dates —

Submitted applications will automatically roll over to the next meeting of the Golden LEAF Board until recommended for action. Action may include funding, partial funding, or declination. A staff member will communicate with you when your application will be reviewed by the Board. A list of all applications received to date will be shared with the Board at each meeting.

What types of expenses are not eligible?

Grant funds may not be used for acquisition of real property or grant administration. Funds are focused on projects to mitigate flooding. Early flood alert systems, improvements to buildings, or improvements to water/sewer infrastructure are not eligible under this program.

Can Golden LEAF funds be used to provide a non-federal match for a federal grant?

Yes, this program is designed to fit with other available state and federal resources for flood mitigation.

What is the required match for this program?

There is no match requirement for this program.

We already completed the emergency repairs, can we apply for reimbursement?

No. Reimbursement of previously completed repairs or improvements are not eligible in this program.

Is there a limit on the amount of funds that may be requested?

Yes. Up to $250,000 may be awarded per project.

How is “project” defined?

For the purpose of this program, a project can include both planning/design/engineering as well as construction/implementation or those two phases may be separate projects. For separate planning/design/engineering projects, see criteria below for planning applications.

Can I submit multiple projects?

Yes. A local government may submit multiple separate projects.

Can a large project be eligible as multiple projects?

The intent of this program is to support smaller projects. A large project that can be reasonably subdivided or phased in would be eligible provided the outcomes of that phase could be isolated (for example, a project to upsize one culvert that is part of a larger plan to upsize multiple culverts along a section of stormwater infrastructure). Projects that cannot reasonably be phased in should consider other available state or federal programs. Golden LEAF funds may be leveraged with other funds for a larger project if implementation will occur at once. Please contact Golden LEAF staff to discuss.

We’d like to submit an application for planning. Will funds be available for implementation?

We cannot guarantee availability of funds for implementation of specific projects, however funds are available for planning and a community may then follow up with an application for implementation of the project.

What types of activities are included in planning?

Activities reasonably necessary to develop proposed flood mitigation solutions. Please contact Golden LEAF staff to discuss.

Can these funds be used to plan for the development of a stormwater utility?

Funds may be used for planning and development of a capital improvement plan and other, related expenses for development of a stormwater management plan. Funds may not be used for assessment or other expenses related to the development and implementation of a stormwater utility (calculation of a fee, etc.)  Development of a stormwater utility fee is considered a reasonable strategy for implementation, which is a characteristic of competitive proposals in this program. Evidence of the progress in implementation will be required for a competitive application. Please contact Golden LEAF staff to discuss.

What counties are eligible to apply?

All counties are eligible to apply; however, Golden LEAF will prioritize projects from rural, economically distressed areas.

How is “unit of local government” defined?

For the purpose of this program, a unit of local governments is a county, city, consolidated city-county, local board of education, sanitary district, or other local political subdivision, authority, or agency of local government. Please contact Golden LEAF staff if you are uncertain if your organization qualifies.

Could a survey conducted by a third party for the government count as documentation for flooding frequency?

A survey may be submitted, but would not be not competitive on its own without other documentation. Applicants are encouraged to provide as much supporting documentation as possible to demonstrate frequency of flooding.

What is the timeline the funds have to be spent?

Under state legislation funds must be encumbered by June 30, 2023. The goal is to fund projects that are ready for implementation, understanding procurement and construction will take time.

Is there a minimum number of households, businesses, or other benefitting populations to be impacted by a project?

No. Number of households will impact the competitiveness of a project when compared to similar projects but there is not a threshold a project must meet to be deemed eligible. Outcomes information is required for state reporting.

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