Scholarship Program Intern Spotlight: Tessa Stovall 

Scholarship Program Intern Spotlight: Tessa Stovall 

July 11, 2024

Name: Tessa Stovall
Intern Start Month: May 2024
Home County: Stokes
Current College/ Years Attended: UNC – Chapel Hill / (2021 – 2024)
Major: Economics
Minor: Business Administration 

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What does it mean to you to serve as an intern at Golden LEAF?
I am deeply honored and privileged to serve as an intern here at Golden LEAF. Growing up as the daughter of a tobacco farmer in rural North Carolina, I have always been familiar with this program and the invaluable assistance they provide for many individuals in need. To serve as an intern of Golden LEAF, I understand I am a part of something bigger. I feel very fortunate to work with a wonderful group of individuals who are committed to helping better our beloved state of North Carolina. 

What have you learned that you didn’t think would be a part of this internship?
Gaining a deeper understanding of the Golden LEAF Foundation and their meaningful programs has certainly been a learning experience during my time here. Again, while I was relatively familiar with the work, witnessing firsthand the breadth of the efforts and the profound ways the Foundation supports both individuals and regions in North Carolina has been a valuable lesson, something I feel very fortunate to now know. 

What are some of your favorite things you do as an intern at Golden LEAF?
As someone who thrives on tasks that require attention to detail and that provide a sense of structure, I have genuinely enjoyed the data-analysis and research components of my role. Moreover, I have embraced the various chances to challenge my creative side as well, especially in shaping our social media presence. Whether crafting engaging campaigns or designing compelling content, the freedom and trust I have been given in these areas has certainly been rewarding and has enhanced my overall experience.

Describe Golden LEAF in three words.
Empowering. Committed. Generous.

What type of work do you want to do when you graduate?
I hope to pursue my Master’s in Accounting here in North Carolina after I graduate UNC – Chapel Hill, along with hopefully earning my Certified Public Accountant (CPA) as soon as possible. 

Would you like to share any words of advice for prospective interns?
If you’re seeking a place where you can truly make a difference, this is the place. From the moment I arrived, I have felt warmly welcomed and valued—something I know isn’t always the case in many internships. Moreover, the work I engage in here feels impactful and meaningful. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my role and assigned tasks. I feel as if they have allowed me to leverage my strengths and acquire new skills, helping me feel better equipped for the future!

How is working at Golden LEAF preparing you for your future career?
This summer, I’ve been entrusted with a large amount of data—tasks ranging from routine maintenance and revisions to transforming details into other deliverables. As I mentioned earlier, my meticulous and detail-oriented nature has made this work not only enjoyable but also enriching. I firmly believe that these tasks have honed skills essential for my career aspirations in accounting. Alongside these more technical skills, I believe the environment alone has allowed me to grow as a person in general as well. Whether being pushed out of my comfort zones and developing new skills, or being able to meet new people and build those relationships, my time here at Golden LEAF has been immensely gratifying.


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