Medical laboratory company surpasses job creation goals in Vance County

Medical laboratory company surpasses job creation goals in Vance County

Mako Medical Laboratories, a medical testing company, is one of the first companies from Raleigh to expand to Vance County. Not only has it survived in the pandemic, but it has thrived. To date, Mako Medical has surpassed their goal of creating 153 jobs with an average wage above the county average, and so far reports more than $15 million in private capital investment in Vance County. In addition, Mako Medical reports employment of additional contracted employees at their Vance County site. 

In December 2017, the Golden LEAF Foundation Board of Directors awarded Vance County $522,987 to purchase equipment that is being leased to Mako Medical Laboratories at a fair market value. When the company successfully fills the requirements of the project, Vance County will be able to use the returned payments for other economic growth opportunities.

When Mako Medical chose to locate in a 60,000-square-foot facility, it did not expect to need the entire building.

“Now, you can’t even find a parking spot,” said Jordan McMillen, Vance County Manager. “I’ve been through it a couple of times, since Mako Medical opened its doors. In the last year and a half, they have filled out the whole building.”

While the pandemic did not help most business and industry, Mako Medical has played a supporting role by developing COVID-19 tests and analyzing test results.

“They didn’t expect to grow this fast or create this many jobs,” said McMillen. “Three years later they are needing more space.”

Like many companies, Mako Laboratories asked about the available labor force.

“We have never had a hard time fulfilling workforce needs,” said McMillen. “We have a lot of people that travel to Raleigh every day. Now, the people who usually travel out of our rural area are hired locally for quality jobs.”

Mako Medical has also worked to support the community in other ways.

“The company bought a fleet of vehicles at a local dealership,” said McMillen. “They also will go to one of the local restaurants and buy 500 meals, which is a big influx of money into our community.”

The company also employs a significant number of veterans.

“Mako Medical located in an existing building in Vance County,” said McMillen. “If we had not had the building available to meet their needs, they would not have come here.”

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