Funder Spotlight: The Cannon Foundation

Funder Spotlight: The Cannon Foundation

June 9, 2022

North Carolina is home to a number of funding institutions supporting strategies necessary for economic growth. As a result of Golden LEAF’s strategic plan, one of the five strategic priorities is to have, and be recognized for, excellence in organizational collaboration, innovation, and impact. To help address this goal, a spotlight on North Carolina funders will be included in the Golden LEAF Newsletter at the beginning of each month as a resource for our readers.

The Cannon Foundation was established in 1943 by Charles A. Cannon, President and CEO of Cannon Mills Company. The Foundation continues his philanthropic legacy by funding capital and equipment projects for organizations across North Carolina.

The Cannon Foundation is a statewide charitable organization that serves all 100 counties.

Program: Capital and Equipment Grants

The Cannon Foundation funds physical needs such as building purchases, renovations, maintenance needs, real estate purchases, technology hardware and software, vehicles and other equipment necessary to do their job.

Application Deadlines: The Cannon Foundation has four grant cycles per year. Application deadlines are subject to change each year. The remaining deadlines this year are June 17, September 23, and December 16.

Contact: Please reach out to Sarah Walsh, Program Officer, [email protected]

Link to Application: Visit to apply.

Helpful Hints for Grant Applicants

  • Qualifying organizations must be well established with at least five years of successful operations before a grant can be considered.
  • Projects with a request greater than $100,000 should wait to apply until your organization has identified at least 60% of the total funding needed and when the project can be completed within 12-18 months. This does not mean that the Foundation will fund the remaining 40%.
  • Projects with other funding sources or community collaboration are preferred.
  • If a project will expand service capacity, then the organization should have a clear business plan for funding ongoing operations. The Foundation does not fund operational expenses such as salaries or overhead costs.
  • Limited grants can be considered for up to 75% of the cost of a vehicle if an organization can clearly explain why it is critical to service delivery. The organization must also have the capacity within their operational budget to provide ongoing insurance, fuel and maintenance and provide properly licensed drivers as well as a plan for how future replacement vehicles will be funded. At least two quotes for the vehicle must be provided.
  • The Foundation does not want to create dependency. Organizations should wait at least two years between grant requests.
  • The Cannon Foundation is not interested in naming opportunities.
  • The Foundation does not provide start-up funding, scholarships, grants to individuals or operating funds including salaries or overhead costs.

Please visit the Cannon Foundation’s website, Facebook page, complete the inquiry form, or reach out to a Program Officer for more information.

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