Town-wide Hydrologic + Hydraulic (H+H) Analysis

Town of Lillington
Program Area:
Flood Mitigation and Recovery Program
County of Applicant:

Lillington is subject to frequent flooding which makes roads impassable and reduces access to emergency services. The town began to recognize how severe the stormwater system’s limitations are after a major rainstorm in 2020. Following the rain event, the town identified several areas of inadequate and damaged stormwater infrastructure. Golden LEAF flood mitigation grant funds will be used for engineering expenses for analysis and planning regarding ten flooding hotspots. There are households, public and private entities within the immediate project area of the identified hotspots. The entire town will benefit from this project. Major highways, including NC 210, US 401, US 421, and NC 27 will also benefit since they pass through Lillington and are frequently closed during heavy rain events.

Ms. Alicia GregoryP.O. Box 296Lillington, North Carolina 27546(910) 893-0306
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