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Town of Maxton
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Flood Mitigation and Recovery Program
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The Town of Maxton experiences flooding during heavy rain events in the subwatershed that drains the eastern half of the town. The town first noticed damage to its system when severe damage occurred following Hurricane Matthew. FEMA addressed many issues in this part of town, including repairs to streets and culverts, but determined the conveyance pipe experienced damage that predated Hurricane Matthew and was not eligible for FEMA funding. Due to this evidence, the town realized other sites have likely experienced damage to infrastructure that was not as dramatically exposed as the damage noticed following Hurricane Matthew. Flooding has affected the town in a number of different ways. Access to emergency services becomes impacted, natural swales throughout the town have filled with sediment, which causes conveyance of the stormwater to no longer flow as it was intended. Sinkholes and depressions have also begun to form around stormwater conveyance pipes due to fractures in the system. Additionally, the town has experienced flooding events that flood the gym and adjacent classrooms in the local elementary school. The railroad running through town has also been overtopped during flooding events. Golden LEAF flood mitigation grant funds will be used to develop a Stormwater Assessment and Plan for the eastern half of the town. Components of this project include field data collection, modeling of existing watersheds, development of concept plans and alternatives, and a summary report. The town has also provided a resolution to its commitment for a funding strategy to implement improvements that are identified in the stormwater comprehensive plan. All residents of the town will benefit from this project. Within the immediate project area there are households, businesses, other public and private entities, and health care providers that will benefit from this project.

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