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Richmond Community College
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Open Grants Program
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This grant will assist Richmond Community College (RCC), in collabortion with FirstHealth of the Carolinas, to establish a simulation hospital in the former Sandhills Regional Medical Center. The long-term goals of the project are to increase persistence and completion rates in RCC’s nursing programs and to increase the placement and retention of nurses in the area. RCC students will be provided with real-world, hands-on learning opportunities that allow them to bridge the gap between classroom and patient care through extensive practice and debriefing experiences. Through deliberate, repeated practice that replicates real-world clinical experiences, new nurse graduates will be better prepared for the reality of the work and better equipped to remain in the field of nursing, thereby reducing staffing costs associated with on-boarding and turnover. RCC will use the simulation hospital to provide up to 25% of required clinical hours for all nursing programs. FirstHealth will use the facility to help novice and experienced health care providers hone their skills or master advanced techniques in a safe environment. FirstHealth will lease the space for the simulation hospital to RCC at no cost. The College will fund a simulation technician and equipment maintenance. Golden LEAF funds will be used to purchase simulation equipment.

Mrs. Janet SimsPO Box 1189Hamlet, North Carolina 28345(910) 410-1889
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