Rose Street Pump Retrofit

City of New Bern
Program Area:
Flood Mitigation and Recovery Program
County of Applicant:

The City of New Bern experiences flooding along Rose Street in the Duffyfield community during frequent rain events. The flooding can take up to 2 weeks to fully dewater. In 2020, the city completed a multiphase feasibility study to create the Duffyfield Resiliency Improvement Initiative. Retrofitting of the stormwater pump station on Rose Street was identified as one of the projects to reduce repetitive flooding in this area. Golden LEAF flood mitigation grant funds will be used to modify the existing stormwater pump to allow for better mitigation against larger storm events and lowering the water levels in the Duffyfield community. The city is currently pursuing funding from the NC Land and Water Fund, the NC DOJ Environmental Enhancement Grant, and a Resilient Coastal Communities Grant to implement strategies identified. There are households, businesses, other public and private entities, and a healthcare facility that are in the immediate project area that will benefit from this project.

Mr. Al CablayPO Box 1129(300 Pollock Street 28560)New Bern, North Carolina 28563-1129252397501
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