Recruiting, Growing and Retaining Marine Businesses in Rural North Carolina

SBTDC Boating Industry Services (formerly Marine Trade Services)
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Open Grants Program
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The maritime industry is rapidly growing in the state, having generated $30M to $50M in new investments and over 1,000 new jobs in the past three years. The Maritime Trade Services of the Small Business and Technology Development Center has been critical to this growth, yet the program has had very limited resources with which to work. This grant will be used to expand marketing efforts, i.e., to recruit maritime businesses to the State and to market and promote North Carolina marine products and services. The anticipated impact of the project is more businesses will locate in North Carolina, more maritime businesses will stay in business, and more North Carolina products will be sold in the marketplace.

Mr. Michael P. Bradley5 West Hargett StreetSuite 600Raleigh, North Carolina 27601-1348(252) 728-2144
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