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Town of Mocksville
Program Area:
Economic Catalyst Program
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This grant provides funding to the Town of Mocksville to upgrade water service to the chicken finishing plant operated by Brakebrush Brothers, Inc. The plant was formerly operated by the House of Raeford as a chicken processing plant but was destroyed by fire in December 2017. Brakebrush Brothers took over the plant from House of Raeford and currently operates in the building but is expanding its operation. The improved water service will increase the water available to the plant to help with fireflow and provide redundant service. The infrastructure will also serve other homes and businesses in the area. The expansion will create 141 additional full-time jobs with an average annual wage of $35,511, compared to the county average of $35,277. The company will also make a capital investment of $52 million. The total cost of the water and sewer infrastructure needed for the project is $2.4 million. The town is also requesting $700,000 from the Department of Transportation for improvements to the roads that serve the plant. The company is operating the plant but without the infrastructure was considering whether to expand in Mocksville or instead at the company’s facilities in Wisconsin, Texas, or Georgia.

Mr. Matt Settlemyer171 South Clement StreetMocksville, North Carolina 27028(336) 751-2714
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