Project Dogwood

Forsyth Technical Community College
Program Area:
Economic Catalyst Program
County of Applicant:

The purpose of this grant is to provide funding to Forsyth Technical Community College to renovate facilities and purchase equipment necessary to create an advanced welding training facility. The facility would be used to train welders, including those at ‘Project Dogwood’ (the ‘Company’). The Company is expanding its manufacturing capacity, which will result in the creation of 280 new jobs, including 94 new welders with advanced skills. The new positions will be created by December 31, 2016 and provide average wages of $40,775/year, plus benefits. The renovations and equipment requested by Forsyth Tech will allow it to provide training in heavy plate and carbon arc gouge welding processes. Forsyth Tech has identified several additional companies in the region that may benefit from the new welding training capacity. Without the new equipment and renovation that the grant would provide, Forsyth Tech will not be able to meet the company’s training needs and the Company will likely choose to expand elsewhere. A grant from Golden LEAF would help pay for shop renovations and partial equipment costs.

Mr. Alan Murdock2100 Silas Creek ParkwayWinston-Salem, North Carolina 27103(336) 734-7757
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