Phase II South Fork Sewer Project

City of Gastonia
Program Area:
Community-Based Grants Initiative
County of Applicant:

This grant provides funding to the Town of McAdenville to construct a new wastewater pump station and force and gravity sewer mains. This project will convey the wastewater formerly treated at wastewater plants at Pharr Yarns and a municipal facility to the Two Rivers Utilities wastewater system. The proposed project will allow Pharr Yarns to retain approximately 900 jobs by reducing its operating costs. It will also result in construction of approximately $6 million in new public infrastructure and eliminate two antiquated wastewater treatment plants. Golden LEAF funds will be used for the sewer line and pump station portions of the project.

Ms. Stephanie B. ScheringerPO Box 1748Gastonia, North Carolina 28053-1748(704) 866-6726
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Any project more than a couple of years old may not reflect current Board priorities.
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