Machining Credential to College Credit & Apprenticeship Project

South Piedmont Community College
Program Area:
Essential Skills in Advanced Manufacturing Initiative
County of Applicant:

South Piedmont CC will use this Golden LEAF grant to support a national machining certification (NIMS) to build a secondary to post-secondary industry credential to college program. The Machining Credential to College Credit & Apprenticeship Project will teach manufacturing credentials to high school and adult students that then enter an apprenticeship program with local industry leading to employment in metal working industries. Nine companies have identified over 324 jobs in advanced manufacturing (production, machining, assembly, engineering and industrial technology) and have expressed interest in being a partner in the combined training / on-site work experience program. Funds are requested to seed the apprenticeship program, purchase machining equipment required for NIMS certification training, support instructor salaries, pay for professional development to deliver training in NIMS and MSSC, to assist with transportation for high school students and cover certification test fees.

Ms. Lisa L. RolanPO Box 126Polkton, North Carolina 28135(704) 272-5300
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Any project more than a couple of years old may not reflect current Board priorities.
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