Jones County Middle and High School

County of Jones
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Community-Based Grants Initiative
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The purpose of this grant is to provide funding to Jones County Public Schools to support the technology infrastructure needed for a new consolidated school that will replace outdated elementary, middle, and high schools. The County lacks the tax base and revenues to independently fund and equip the new school. The General Assembly has appropriated state funds to assist with the project, but the County seeks additional funding to ensure the project’s has adequate technology infrastructure. Jones County has the second lowest total tax base in the State. Golden LEAF funds are requested to up-fit the new K-12 facility with technology to meet 21st-century teaching and learning requirements. The school district and county expect long-term operational cost savings from consolidation of separate facilities into one campus. New school construction has been shown to produce positive financial outcomes for communities and positive educational outcomes for students.

Mr. Franky J. Howard418 Hwy 58 North, Unit ATrenton, North Carolina 28585(252) 448-5111
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