Granite Falls/MDI Water Storage Tank

Town of Granite Falls
Program Area:
Economic Catalyst Program
County of Applicant:

This Golden LEAF grant will assist in the construction of a 750,000 gallon water storage tank and necessary water lines to facilitate a planned expansion at Merchants Distributors Inc. and other economic development activities located along Hwy 321 in the southern end of Caldwell County. MDI has requested additional water flow capacity necessary for a $32 million expansion over two phases that will add 50 jobs in the first year and is expected to result in 200 jobs at the end of five years. The average wage for the initial jobs is $37,842 compared to the current county average manufacturing wage of $27,692. In addition to MDI, the additional storage capacity will serve a retail development planned for the area and provide water to residential areas that are presently unserved.

Ms. Linda K. StoryPO Box 10Granite Falls, North Carolina 28630(828) 396-3131
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