Center for Integrated Manufacturing

Cleveland Community College
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Essential Skills in Advanced Manufacturing Initiative
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The purpose of this grant is to assist Cleveland Community College along with McDowell Tech and Isothermal Community Colleges with establishing a collaborative Center for Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) to deliver advanced manufacturing training (Industrial Systems, Mechanical Drafting, Computer Integrated Machining, Mechanical Engineering, Welding, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Operations Management and Manufacturing Technology) programs through the use of asynchronous learning and open lab solutions. The institution partners have received support letters from 15 companies identifying between 600 and 700 area jobs that industries are looking to fill and have expressed willingness to interview program graduates. Another large multi-national company has expressed interest in using the flexible training option to upgrade skills for up to 1,600 regional staff. In addition to adults, the programs will be open to enrollment from juniors and seniors in the 3 local school districts through Career and College Promise articulation agreements. Funds are requested to acquire the necessary technology equipment to deliver training through telepresence solutions and open labs, hire a technology consultant to assist with system architecture and design, instructor training, lab renovations and to sponsor high school robotics teams.

Ms. Amy Edward Dulin137 South Post RoadShelby, North Carolina 28152(704) 669-4420
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Any project more than a couple of years old may not reflect current Board priorities.
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