Career Tech Academy – Jones

Lenoir Community College - Jones CAI
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Community Assistance Initiative
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The purpose of this Golden LEAF grant is to provide funding to Lenoir Community College (LCC) to expand its vocational training space center in Trenton and create a ‘career tech academy.’ Additional space will allow LCC to expand its vocational and technical trade programs in Jones County and increase the number of students earning credentials and certifications required by employees. The Career Tech Academy will be offered as a dual enrollment opportunity for high school students who will participate along with adult learners. Students will receive a skills certificate, diploma, or credential in welding, machining, plumbing, electrical, and/or HVAC. Beyond the technical skills offered, the students will be taught employability skills and the program will provide job shadowing and practical work experiences for students. Golden LEAF funds will be utilized for construction costs along with start-up costs for an additional faculty position.

Mrs. Renee B. SuttonPO Box 188231 Highway 58 SouthKinston, North Carolina 28502-0188(910) 275-6103
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