Brevard Times Arcade Alley Flood Mitigation

City of Brevard
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Flood Mitigation Program
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Times Arcade Alley, located in Brevard’s downtown business district, experiences frequent flooding due to the lack of stormwater infrastructure to manage rooftop and surface runoff. Runoff from the alley also floods both West Main and West Jordan streets, which are major thoroughfares perpendicular to the alley. Flooding restricts access by pedestrians and vehicles to businesses and residences in the alley, causes business property damage, and affects public safety. Golden LEAF flood mitigation grant funds will be used for installation of new stormwater infrastructure. Construction will include removal of existing asphalt, addition of curb inlets to flow into a storm drainpipe with trench drains at intervals to capture and convey stormwater, and resurfacing with heavy duty concrete paving. The city will provide the remaining funding needed to complete the project. Households and businesses in the area will benefit from this project.

Mary Roderick95 W Main StreetBrevard, North Carolina 28712
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