Biomanufacturing Workforce Development Needs & Resources

North Carolina Biotechnology Center
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Economic Stimulus Program
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This project will allow the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, the North Carolina Biosciences Organization, the University of North Carolina System, and the North Carolina Community College System to 1)develop, perform and analyze a bioprocess manufacturing workforce training needs assessment; 2) conduct an inventory of current educational resources available to meet these needs, and 3) coordinate a Strategic Plan for a comprehensive statewide program of biomanufacturing workforce training, integrating the information obtained in the assessment. This project will result in the generation of a report combining the results of the Workforce Training Needs Assessment and the Inventory of Current Educational Resources, a Strategic Plan based on the data obtained in the Needs Assessment and Inventory, and an Executive Summary Brochure that concisely presents the major findings from the surveys, previews the Strategic Plan, and emphasizes the significance of this statewide initiative to economic development in North Carolina.

Dr. Kenneth R. Tindall, Ph.D.15 T.W. Alexander DrivePO Box 13547Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709-3547(919) 541-9366
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