Berry Hill Regional Mega-Park

City of Eden
Program Area:
Community Assistance Initiative
County of Applicant:

The purpose of this grant is to assist the City of Eden with the upgrade and extension of sewer lines from the existing Eden pump station to a 3,500-acre industrial park located in Virginia between Danville, VA and Eden, NC known as the Berry Hill Regional Mega-Park. The industrial park could generate up to 12,000 jobs. Many Rockingham county residents work in Virginia and vice-versa and worker inflow and outflow between the states is significant. With the manufacturing job losses in Rockingham County, many residents make long commutes to seek employment. The Berry Hill Mega-Park would provide opportunity closer to home and would serve other NC ‘border’ counties, as well. The project will also increase the usage of the Eden wastewater system and generate revenue for the city. Golden LEAF funds would be utilized for sewer infrastructure design and construction costs up to the Virginia border of the park.

Mr. Michael G. DoughertyP.O. Box 70Eden, North Carolina 27289-0070(336) 613-4941
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