Addition of 2nd Linear Accelerator – Gibson Cancer Center

Southeastern Regional Medical Center
Program Area:
Community-Based Grants Initiative
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This grant will help Southeastern Regional Medical Center (SRMC) expand its cancer center to add a second linear accelerator and increase the size of the 23,725-square-foot facility by 8,700 square feet. At completion in the second quarter of 2021, Gibson Cancer Center will be designated a comprehensive cancer center qualifying SRMC to provide additional services including a permanent PET scanner. The center will serve cancer patients from Robeson, Bladen and Columbus counties. The existing accelerator’s capacity is insufficient to meet current demands and has no room for growth. The project will create 21 new jobs at the center to staff the second accelerator and the PET scanner. As patient volume continues to grow over the next two years, 12 new jobs will be added. In addition, 10 new rotation positions will be added to existing education and training programs for medical students, medical residents, allied health and nursing students. Golden LEAF funds will support construction.

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