CBGI Southeast Gathering

Golden LEAF held an in person gathering workshop on April 19. The purpose of the workshop was to go deeper into specific priority areas and opportunities for funding from Golden LEAF. 

Golden LEAF Priority Areas

This presentation from Golden LEAF provided an overview of each Golden LEAF priority area and the outcomes associated with each.

Download the slides – Overview

Download the slides – Job Creation and Economic Investment

Download the slides – Workforce Preparedness

Download the slides – Agriculture

Project Worksheet Development

Golden LEAF provided an overview of completing the project worksheet. Completion of this worksheet is an optional process at the discretion of each county manager and only required if a county manager is seeking feedback from Golden LEAF.

Download the slides

Organizing Your Project for Funding

A member of the Rural Center’s training faculty presented on developing a coherent, logical and succinct statement of need as a foundation for project funding development. 

Download the slides

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