New cooler space improves access to local foods

New cooler space improves access to local foods

North Carolina is a national leader in agriculture production, but even still small- to medium-sized farms often have a hard time getting into certain markets. One solution to the issue could be something as simple as cooler access. In February 2018, Reinvestment Partners, a community development nonprofit in Durham, N.C.,… read more

Wilkes County farmers increase profits thanks to innovative programs

Agriculture is a top employer in Wilkes County, with 22 percent of the county’s jobs in agriculture, according to John Cothren, Wilkes County N.C. State Agriculture Extension Agent. Wilkes County ranks second in broiler chicken production, second in hay production, and third in all cattle production. Golden LEAF funds have… read more

Golden LEAF receives recognition from the National Agricultural Alumni Association 

The N.C. State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences recently nominated Golden LEAF for the National Agricultural Alumni Development Association (NAADA) Corporate Partner award in recognition of the Foundation’s work to fund innovations to address hard-to-solve economic and agricultural issues. This award recognizes a company or private entity for… read more

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