Request for Proposals: Internship Program Administrator for 4-Year Scholarship Program

Request for Proposals: Internship Program Administrator for 4-Year Scholarship Program

For an administrator to help develop and to implement an internship opportunity for recipients of the Golden LEAF Foundation’s 4-Year Scholarship


Request for Proposals and Scope of Work
Golden LEAF is seeking proposals from qualified organizations to work with Golden LEAF to finalize the new internship opportunity and to administer it. The internship opportunity will be an initiative of Golden LEAF and a component of the Golden LEAF scholarship. Golden LEAF expects the role of the internship administrator to include the following scope of work. (Development of all processes, requirements, guidelines, etc., will be completed in collaboration with Golden LEAF.)

  • Creating an internship application intake, selection, and review process.
    • The selection process should include interviews, short essays, or other means of qualitative assessment of a student’s capability and match with the proposed internship site and the student’s demonstrated commitment to rural North Carolina.
    • The selection must allow for a hybrid model in which students secure internships directly or as part of a qualified pool for participating internship sites.
    • The selection should consider geographic diversity among scholars.
  • Selection of students to receive the internships and training students regarding the requirements and expectations of the program.
  • Evaluating proposed internship sites to ensure that they will provide an appropriate work experience for the students.
  • Establishing requirements and onboarding processes for internship sites participating in the program and developing reporting forms and guidelines to ensure consistency among the sites.  Requirements will include elements such as a scope of work for the internship and commitments to provide appropriate support and supervision to the intern.
  • Providing support and oversight to students as they complete the internship, including regular check-ins with students and internship supervisors during the internship.
  • Establishing opportunities to expose students and internship supervisors to additional programming or resources during the internship to create a relationship among the students, internship sites, and Golden LEAF and to further Golden LEAF’s mission to support economic development in rural North Carolina.
  • Developing and managing a process to pay students for hours worked that minimizes burdens on internship sites.  If the program includes other compensation, e.g., travel allowances or housing stipends, managing payment of those funds and ensuring their use for approved purposes.
  • In coordination with Golden LEAF, communicating to students, businesses, and other interested parties regarding the internship opportunity, including recruiting businesses to participate in the program.
  • Maintaining relationships with participating internship sites to encourage their continued engagement in the program.
  • Reporting to Golden LEAF regarding the program using metrics and data agreed upon by Golden LEAF and the internship administrator.
  • Undertaking additional or different elements of the internship opportunity agreed to by both the internship administrator and Golden LEAF.

Complete proposals are due by NOON Eastern time on Friday, July 16, 2021.
Proposals must be submitted by e-mail in .pdf format to Kasey Ginsberg at [email protected].
Submission by mail, fax, or any method other than e-mail to the address above will not be accepted.
It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that Golden LEAF received the submission.


Inquiries concerning this RFP should be submitted to Kasey Ginsberg, Director of External Affairs, by Wednesday, July 14, 2021, at [email protected].

For the full RFP, click here.

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