Golden LEAF Scholarship Alumni Spotlight: Chasity Skusa

Golden LEAF Scholarship Alumni Spotlight: Chasity Skusa

June 23, 2022

Golden LEAF Scholarship Alumni Spotlight: Chasity Skusa

Name: Chasity Skusa
High School Attended: St. Pauls High School
Home County: Robeson
Colleges Attended/ Years Attended: UNC-Pembroke (2013- 2017), N.C. State (2017- 2019)
Majors: Bachelor’s in Mass Communication (UNC-Pembroke), Master’s in Communication (N.C. State)
Minor: Theatre
County Now Living In: Robeson
Employer: Robeson County Church & Community Center
Title: Resource Development Coordinator
Years Working for Current Employer: 3 years

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What does rural mean to you?
Rural is strong. My rural community is resilient. I used to think rural meant isolation, but now I know it means community.

What were some of your major accomplishments during college?
My parents never attended college and completed high school with GEDs. I have now gone on to graduate with both undergraduate and graduate degrees. I was also chosen to be Wolf of the Week during my time at N.C. State. The Wolf of the Week is a graduate student or postdoctoral student who exemplifies exceptional leadership and communication skills both inside and outside of the classroom.

What would you tell someone interested in applying for the Golden LEAF Scholarship about being a recipient?
Apply! It was one of the largest and most beneficial scholarships I received. It really helped the financial burden of paying for college. I frequently recommend the scholarship to high school students.

What helped you decide to live and work in a rural area?
Robeson County is home. After living in Wake County during graduate school the evidence was daunting just how disadvantaged my community was compared to the rest of the state. Making the decision to move back after graduation was the clear choice once I knew I wanted to make a difference in Robeson County.

What kind of leadership roles are you serving in currently?
I currently work as the Resource Development Coordinator at the Robeson County Church and Community Center. While no one is directly under my leadership, I work to bring grant funding into the community. To date, we have brought in more than half a million dollars to help create a strong and prosperous future for Robeson County. Additionally, I am a member of the Kiwanis Young Professionals of Robeson County, helping serve underprivileged children in the community.

What is your hope for rural North Carolina?
My hope for rural N.C. is that one day it will be allotted the same resources and support its neighboring communities receive.

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