Golden LEAF Scholar Alumni Spotlight: Emily Allen

Golden LEAF Scholar Alumni Spotlight: Emily Allen

Golden LEAF Scholar Alumni Spotlight: Emily Allen

Name: Emily Allen
High School Attended: Edgecombe Early College High School
Home County: Edgecombe
College Attended: NC State University 2011-2014
Major: Extension Education concentration in Youth Development
Minor: Leadership
Current County: Edgecombe
Employer/ Title: AgCarolina Farm Credit/ Loan Officer
Location of Current Employer: Rocky Mount, Nash County

What would you tell someone interested in applying for the Golden LEAF Scholarship about being a recipient?

Through receiving the Golden LEAF Scholarship, I was able to attend the college of my choice without financial burden. Golden LEAF also provided me with a support system of my peers during my college years, which helped during stressful times of exams and general college life.

What did you learn through the Golden LEAF Scholars Leadership Program?

I interned two summers with the Edgecombe County Cooperative Extension youth 4-H program. I learned how to implement my professional leadership style within the workplace, through working with other professionals, and how to collaborate with them on a professional level.

What helped you decide to live/ work in a rural area?

After working in an urban setting, it made me appreciate the sense of community and fellowship that is synonymous with rural living. Moving back to a rural area was an easy choice for me; I knew the support system I had been raised in would follow me throughout my professional career. AgCarolina Farm Credit was the perfect fit for me; I can be in my community making a difference for the rural families around me.

What leadership roles do you currently have?

In my two years at AgCarolina Farm Credit, I have taken on the branch role of Office Event Coordinator. I believe it is exceptionally important to provide our members with great, well thought out events to show our appreciation for them.

What would you like to share about your personal or professional philosophies?

My favorite personal philosophy is “People change people”, I heard this a few years ago and have really taken it to heart. I believe that if you surround yourself with genuinely good people who make you the best version of yourself, you will be able to transform others. Being a role model to my peers and youth in my community is extremely important to me. I pride myself on always being positive and willing to help others.

Professionally I am 100 % focused on exceptional customer service. Throughout my entire professional career, my goal has been to provide whomever I am working with the best experience I can give them. In 2018, I received one of the top performer awards for outstanding customer service with my current company. I am extremely honored to have been recognized for something that I am so passionate about.

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