2022 Year in Review – Outreach

2022 Year in Review – Outreach

December 22, 2022

In 2022, Golden LEAF focused on creative ways to stay connected with partners, funding recipients, potential applicants, and state and local leaders.

One of the ways Golden LEAF focused on outreach was through meeting with economic development leaders across the state. This year, Golden LEAF President, Chief Executive Officer Scott T. Hamilton finished a goal of visiting all 100 counties. Scott visited with the local economic development corporation, local elected officials, college, university, or community college presidents, healthcare entities, and community development organizations.

Through Critical Conversations, Scott connects with economic development leaders via Zoom to talk about the challenges and solutions to economic issues affecting our state. Click the links below to watch the approximately 15-minute conversations:

North Carolina is home to a number of funding institutions supporting economic development and related strategies necessary for economic growth. As a result of Golden LEAF’s strategic plan, one of the five strategic priorities is to have, and be recognized for, excellence in organizational collaboration, innovation, and impact. To help address this goal, spotlights on North Carolina funders are included in the Golden LEAF bimonthly newsletter at the beginning of each month as a resource for our readers. Learn about the organizations featured in the Funder Spotlight:


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