Wayne County Executive Jetport Corporate Area Expansion – Waterline Improvements

County of Wayne
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Open Grants Program
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This grant provides funding to construct a waterline to serve the Wayne County Executive Jetport as part of a larger project to add several hangars at the jetport. Waterline improvements are needed to extend potable water and meet fire flow requirements. MIL2ATP, a flight training business that currently operates at the airport, will enter a ground lease and construct a new hangar at the jetport and expects to hire 10 new full-time employees. In addition to MIL2ATP, the jetport is currently home to UNC Healthcare Air Ambulance Service, the Wayne County Sheriff Department’s Aviation Unit, Omni Aircraft Services, and Wayne Community College’s Aviation Program. The waterline extension is part of a larger corporate area expansion at the airport with a total cost of over $4 million.

Mr. Craig HoneycuttPO Box 227Goldsboro, North Carolina 27533(919) 731-1417
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