Washington Medical District Storm Water Project

City of Washington
Program Area:
Disaster Recovery Grant Program
County of Applicant:

The Washington Medical District is susceptible to major flooding during hurricanes or storms with excessively heavy rains. When these events happen, access from the west and the south to the medical district and to the hospital is at times severely affected or completely disconnected. The area experienced the worst flooding within the past decade during hurricanes Florence, Matthew, and Dorian. This flooding is mainly a result of undersized pipes and ditches in the drainage system. The City of Washington and its engineer believe any work performed in this drainage area will improve the efficiency of the drainage system and accessibility to medical care and will make the medical district more resilient. Golden LEAF disaster recovery funds will be used to implement recommendations of a recent drainage study to replace and increase the size of stormwater infrastructure and/or redirect the flow of stormwater.

Mr. Adam WatersP.O. Box 1988Washington, North Carolina 27889(252) 975-9332
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