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Economic Catalyst Program
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This grant provides funding to Rutherford County to support the location of US Precision Construction, LLC in an existing manufacturing facility in Forest City. US Precision Construction manufactures engineered construction products, including residential and commercial units. The company is affiliated with Tryon Equestrian Partners, LLC, which owns the Tryon Equestrian Park. The manufacturing facility will be located seven miles from the Park and will produce housing units for the Park and for sale to third parties. The company will create 100 new jobs by December 31, 2020 with an average annual wage of $34,222, compared to the Rutherford County average of $31,564. The company will also make a capital investment of $6.5 million. Golden LEAF funds will be used to purchase manufacturing equipment that will be leased to the company at a rate that will require it to pay the full value of the equipment plus interest.

Mr. Steve Garrison289 North Main StreetRutherfordton, North Carolina 28139(828) 287-6060
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