Shoreline Drive

City of Fayetteville
Program Area:
Disaster Recovery Grant Program
County of Applicant:

Shoreline Drive is the only public road access to the College Lakes subdivision in Fayetteville. An aging culvert under the road began failing in 2018. Shortly after the city began repairs to the culvert, floodwaters from Hurricane Florence overtopped and washed out the road, forcing the city to close it. This cut the neighborhood off from city services and increased the cost of the project. After several days, the contractor was able to make a temporary repair and reopen the road. Fayetteville will use Golden LEAF Hurricane Florence Disaster Recovery grant funds for repair expenses incurred as a result of Hurricane Florence.

Mr. John Larch III433 Hay StreetFayetteville, North Carolina 28301-5537(910) 433-1240
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