Roanoke Island Drainage Improvements

County of Dare
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Flood Mitigation and Recovery Program
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The Roanoke Colony residential neighborhood in Dare County experiences frequent flooding during major storm events due to undersized drainage structures in this flat, low-lying area on the northern end of Roanoke Island. After Hurricane Matthew, NCDOT and Dare County completed the 2019 Roanoke Island Flooding Analysis which proposed drainage improvements. Golden LEAF flood mitigation grant funds will be used to incorporate recommendations to upsize pipes and implement other improvements to the area. Areas upstream flood more frequently and the study determined undersized piping in the project area slowed the drainage of those properties. Proposed work includes replacing 150 linear feet of existing pipe with a larger size, enclosing the ditch within Roanoke Colony with drainage pipe with drop inlets, replacing the culvert beneath Roanoke Trail, removing the culvert immediately downstream of the airport property, and regrading/widening the ditch that runs between the Outer Banks SPCA and airport. Homes located in the upstream area identified in the analysis will benefit from this project.

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