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McDowell Economic Development Association, Inc. (MEDA)
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Open Grants Program
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This award provides funding to McDowell Economic Development Association, Inc. to support the location and expansion of an existing North Carolina company that installs both aerial and buried fiber optic cable. The company currently employs 46 employees and will add 14 new positions at an average annual salary of $42,416, compared to the county average of $37,962, and provide health insurance. The company has met with McDowell Technical Community College which will establish an ongoing program to train interested people in the field of fiber installation. Golden LEAF dollars will be used for extension of public water and sewer that will serve the site and that can be extended to serve additional property adjacent to the park.

Mr. Charles R. AbernathyPO Box 1289634 College DriveMarion, North Carolina 28572-1289(828) 652-9391
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Any project more than a couple of years old may not reflect current Board priorities.
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