Project PIPE – (ATI Specialty Materials)

City of Monroe
Program Area:
Economic Catalyst Program
County of Applicant:

This Golden LEAF grant provides funding to the City of Monroe for water and sewer infrastructure necessary to support the expansion of ATI Allvac. ATI Allvac produces metal products for the aerospace industry. Customers include Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce, and GE. ATI Allvac was founded in Monroe in 1957, but now has operations throughout the United States and abroad. After considering several sites, the company has decided to expand its operations in Monroe. The expansion will create 70 new jobs over three years with an average annual wage of $60,190, compared to the average annual wage in Union County of $39,572. Golden LEAF funds will be used for engineering and water and sewer infrastructure construction costs.

Mr. Robert Christopher Plate'300 West Crowell StreetMonroe, North Carolina 28112(704) 282-5780
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