Project Bright Sky

Town of Clayton
Program Area:
Economic Catalyst Program
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This grant will provide funding to the Town of Clayton (the “Town”) to support acquisition of regional wastewater pre-treatment facilities to be added to the Town’s wastewater system. Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc. (NNPII) is locating an expansion in the East Clayton Industrial Area (ECIA) and constructing a $1.2 billion pharmaceutical manufacturing facility that will create approximately six hundred ninety-one (691) new full-time jobs over a five-year period. The jobs will pay an average annual salary of $68,420, compared to the Johnston County average of $34,448. A major consideration in the company’s decision to locate in North Carolina was the ability of a public entity to receive, pre-treat, transmit, and treat production wastewater. NNPII will construct a regional pre-treatment facility (the “Facility”) that will have the capacity to treat waste stream from NNPII and, with up-fits, to serve other companies located in the ECIA, particularly those engaged in pharmaceutical manufacturing. After the Facility is constructed and commissioned, NNPII may choose to transfer ownership to the Town and the Town may elect to accept ownership of the Facility and to make the Facility part of the Town’s Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW). If the Town accepts ownership of the Facility, it will reimburse NNPII a portion of the construction costs for the Facility using the Golden LEAF grant funds and other grant funds the Town has received from the North Carolina Department of Commerce for this project.

Mr. Adam LindsayP.O. Box 879Clayton, North Carolina 27528(919) 553-5002
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