Northwest Regional Water Reclamation Facility (NWRWRF) – Electrical Building Rehabilitation & Hazard Mitigation Project

Onslow Water & Sewer Authority
Program Area:
Disaster Recovery Grant Program
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The Northwest Regional Water Reclamation Facility of ONWASA, located in Richlands, experienced severe flooding caused by Hurricane Florence which resulted in extensive damage to process equipment, pumps, motors and the main electrical power distribution and controls hardware. More than three feet of water entered the electrical building, damaging the equipment beyond repair. The controls are currently being operated manually. Insurance proceeds will cover the replacement equipment. ONWASA proposes to construct an elevated replacement electrical building above the 500-year floodplain. ONWASA explored several alternatives and a new building was the most practical alternate. Because of the extensive equipment installation, ONWASA needs to construct the new building prior to replacing the damaged equipment. Golden LEAF Hurricane Florence Disaster Recovery Grant Program funds will be used for design/engineering, site work, and construction of a new elevated electrical control building. This is part of a larger project. All elevated components and protections are being designed for protection above the 500-year flood elevation.

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