NC Growth – Sandhills

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Program Area:
Open Grants Program
County of Applicant:

This grant provides funding to the NC Growth program at the Kenan Institute to offer technical assistance to growth businesses and rural communities in economically distressed Tier 1 and 2 counties in NC’s Sandhills region. NC Growth provides student-led assistance to help businesses identify and implement projects that will promote business and job growth. NC Growth also works with town, county, and regional governments on applied and research-based economic development projects. The program will complete 10 projects each year over two years. Golden LEAF funds will support personnel-related costs to implement the project in the Sandhills.

Dr. Mark LittleOffice of Sponsored Research104 Airport Drive, Suite 2200Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-1350(919) 808-6393
Areas Served:

Any project more than a couple of years old may not reflect current Board priorities.
Please contact a staff member with any questions.

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