Lower Mud Creek Flood Risk Reduction – Phase 2

City of Hendersonville
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Flood Mitigation Program
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The City of Hendersonville experiences frequent flooding along the Lower Mud Creek Watershed. During flood events, bridge decks and railroads tracks are overtopped and flood waters threaten businesses along several major corridors. Additionally, flooding occurs along the Spartanburg Highway and Greenville Highway, which results in road closures and isolates residents on the south side of Hendersonville. Access to a nearby hospital is also impacted, causing increased travel times and emergency services are affected by road overtopping.
Golden LEAF flood mitigation grant funds will be used to complete Phase 2 of a two-phase project along Mud Creek. Phase 2 includes complete design, engineering, and permitting through a 25-acre site that will serve as an area for flood storage. Project activities associated with this site include site surveying, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, design plans, and preliminary recommendations. Households and businesses in the immediate project area will benefit from this project. The project will also benefit several greenways and parks in the area and improve water quality.

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