Lake Santeetlah Stormwater Management

Town of Lake Santeetlah
Program Area:
Flood Mitigation Program
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The Town of Lake Santeetlah is a mountain-lake community that experiences frequent flooding during very heavy rains which overrun culverts and natural drainage ditches. Overflow causes water to rush down the road instead of staying in the ditch, making driving on the steep roads slick and dangerous. Rushing water also undermines the sides of the otherwise well-maintained roads. Golden LEAF flood mitigation grant funds will be used to pave and deepen the ditches directing the water downhill and away from the roads, eventually leading to culverts installed to discharge the stormwater into the lake. Paving will also stop the erosion of the side of the roads. Households located along the roads leading up and down the mountain will benefit from the completion of the project. Once completed, the town will be responsible for the continued maintenance of the drainage ditches and culverts.

Tina Emerson16 Marina DriveLake Santeetlah, North Carolina 28771828-479-8190
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