Infrastructural Development and Support for the Shady Grove Educational Livestock Facility

University of Mount Olive, Inc.
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Open Grants Program
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This award provides funding to the University of Mount Olive (UMO) to support development of the Shady Grove Educational Livestock Facility, a new livestock/forage training facility that will provide research and educational opportunities for college students and the greater agricultural community. Students will gain knowledge and practical skills relevant to current and projected regional industry needs in animal agriculture. The program is integrated with three agriculture academies in Johnston, Martin, and Randolph counties, prepares students to pursue advanced degrees in animal- and agriculture-related fields, and includes a special focus on “precision agriculture” as it relates to both crop and animal production. The facility will also host training opportunities for farmers and events for high school students to expose them to agriculture-related career pathways. Outcomes associated with this project include increases in curriculum program completers, increases in students earning industry/3rd-party credentials, and increases in students participating in work-based learning opportunities. The project has secured $1.75 million from the General Assembly for facility construction. Golden LEAF funds will be used for costs related to design and infrastructure for the facility.

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