HVAC for Education and Training at Three Peaks Enrichment Center

Mayland Community College Foundation
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Community-Based Grants Initiative
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This award provides funding to Mayland Community College (MCC) to assist with the renovation of a former coliseum in Spruce Pine to create the Three Peaks Enrichment Center. The renovation is a multimillion-dollar project in Spruce Pine that has received significant state support. The overall project also includes renovation of a hotel that MCC will operate and an improved physical between the center and the Town. MCC will offer education and workforce training at the center. The college is also relocating its small business services to the center, supporting the growth of entrepreneurs and small businesses which are a major industry sector in the region. Golden LEAF previously awarded funding for MCC’s Resource Center for Entrepreneurs which will be housed at Three Peaks. The college expects the renovated center will result in increase of 29 students completing curriculum programs annually, as well as an increase in the number of students enrolled in continuing education programs. Golden LEAF funding for this project will be used for the purchase and installation of an HVAC system and chill tower to support the portions of the building that will be dedicated to education and workforce programs.

Ms. Lexie McDanielPO Box 547Spruce Pine, North Carolina 28777(828) 766-1269
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