General Foam Plastics Generator Project

Town of Tarboro
Program Area:
Economic Catalyst Program
County of Applicant:

The purpose of this grant is to provide funding to the Town of Tarboro to assist with the acquisition and installation of a 2,000 kW Town-owned generator. The generator is needed to assist with General Foam Plastics (GFP) planned expansion of production at its Tarboro facility which will increase its peak electrical demand from 2,700 kW to over 4,000 kW. The generator will provide additional reliability for the electrical circuit serving the area where the GFP plant is located. It will also allow peak shaving benefitting other area electrical users and be a source of emergency stand-by power. GFP, which manufactures seasonal consumer plastic products, will add 100 full-time employees to its current full-time staff of forty-eight. The new positions will pay an average annual wage of $35,277 plus benefits including at least 50% of the cost of employee-only health insurance. The average annual wage in Edgecombe County is $31,980. GFP will also significantly increase its seasonal and part-time employment.

Mr. Troy LewisPO Box 220Tarboro, North Carolina 27886-220
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