Establishing Heavy Equipment Operator Training in Western NC

Cleveland Community College
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Open Grants Program
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This award provides funding to Cleveland Community College to assist with the development of a Heavy Equipment Operator (HEO) training program. Six employers in the area have forecast the need for 140-160 new HEO job openings over the next three to five years, plus demand from turnover and retirements. The average annual wage for heavy equipment operators is $42,800, which exceeds the county’s average annual wage of $40,019. HEO training will complement and leverage the college’s CDL program. Students who complete HEO training can also complete requirements to be tested by Cleveland Community College’s commercial truck driver license examiners. Several pieces of this project’s equipment can also be used in the truck driver training program. Training supplies will be used in both programs to maximize efficiency. The program will also incorporate safety and soft skills training already offered at the college. Golden LEAF funding will be used for equipment and a portion of the cost of equipment storage, road tractors, and trailers.

Mr. Alan Qualls137 South Post RoadShelby, North Carolina 28152(704) 669-4049
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