East Yancey Wastewater Treatment Plant and Collection System

Yancey County
Program Area:
Community-Based Grants Initiative
County of Applicant:

This Golden LEAF grant provides funding to the East Yancey Water and Sewer District to extend a wastewater collection system from the Micaville community westward along Hwy. 19E to the Burnsville Elementary School, and south from Micaville along Hwy. 80 to the Hickory Springs manufacturing facility. The area is comprised of almost 4,000 acres and contains approximately 524 residences, small businesses and institutional facilities which are currently served by private sewer systems and individual residential septic tanks and drain fields. A wastewater treatment plant for the new infrastructure has been completed. Golden LEAF funds will be used for the infrastructure construction costs.

Mr. Nathan R. Bennett110 Town SquareRoom 11Burnsville, North Carolina 28714(828) 689-2301
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