City of Southport Stormwater Mapping & Planning

City of Southport
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Flood Mitigation Program
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City of Southport Stormwater Mapping & Planning
The City of Southport experiences frequent flooding caused by its flat geography and its lack of stormwater infrastructure. Golden LEAF flood mitigation grant funds will be used to perform a city-wide asset inventory and condition assessment and evaluation of the stormwater system. Surveying and mapping of the system will provide an updated GIS database to evaluate potential areas to increase system capacity and efficiencies. Modeling efforts will identify critical points with assets that are undersized or that need to be replaced. A capital improvement plan will give the city a guide for budgeting projects that will reduce flooding, prioritized by those that will provide the most benefit. The entire city will benefit from this project.

Tom Zilinek1029 N. Howe StreetSouthport, North Carolina 28461(910) 457-7988
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