Channel Run Phase II

Town of River Bend
Program Area:
Flood Mitigation and Recovery Program
County of Applicant:

River Bend, specifically in the Channel Run Subdivision, is subject to frequent flooding due to its topography. Following Hurricane Florence, the town contracted with an engineer to investigate the area, assess elevations, and make recommendations to improve drainage to reduce flooding. Golden LEAF flood mitigation grant funds will be used to implement Phase II of the project, re-grading and resloping natural drainage infrastructure (ditches) throughout the community. Completion of Phase II will ensure that water flows efficiently and effectively to mitigate flooding. All of the work will be done within the town’s rights-of-way or within stormwater outfall lines already owned by the town. The town will contribute funds to complete the project. There are households located in the immediate project areas, with additional households in the neighborhood that will also benefit from reduced flooding after completion of Phase II. This project will also reduce flooding on a primary road through the development.

Mr. Delane Jackson45 Shoreline DriveRiver Bend, North Carolina 28562(252) 638-3870
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