Bladenboro Police Department Back-up Generator

Town of Bladenboro
Program Area:
Disaster Recovery Grant Program
County of Applicant:

The Town of Bladenboro uses the police department and fire department for staging by emergency services during floods and hurricanes. These buildings are located on opposite sides of the town and away from most flood-prone areas. During Hurricane Matthew, the police department lost power for three days. This required all emergency and safety personnel to work out of the fire department building, making responses to calls strenuous and less efficient. Lack of power at the police department also limited access to necessary law enforcement databases. Golden LEAF Disaster Recovery Grant Program funding will be used to purchase and install a backup generator at the police department.

Mr. John A. O'DanielPO Box 455411 Ivey StreetBladenboro, North Carolina 28320(910) 863-3655
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