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Southeastern Community College
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Open Grants Program
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This award provides funding to Southeastern Community College (SCC) to support the establishment of an innovative workforce preparedness collaborative among Columbus County Schools, Whiteville City Schools, Southeastern Community College, and industry partners. A local labor market assessment identified specific workforce needs for the region over the next 3-5 years. The seven fastest growing local industries with the greatest workforce needs included healthcare, construction, manufacturing, education, information technology, automotive, and agriculture. To help establish a robust pipeline in these fields, this project will offer targeted career guidance in high schools to identify students with interest and aptitude in these fields. Next, accelerated career pathways and pre-apprenticeships that lead to workforce credentials and apprenticeships will be developed in coordination with local business leaders. All of these efforts will lead to students having the skills to go directly into high-demand, local jobs. The project is expected to increase students completing curriculum programs, increase the number of students earning third-party credentials, and increase the number of students participating in work-based learning opportunities. It is projected that 30 students will be placed in pre-apprenticeship settings in the first two years of project implementation. Golden LEAF funds will be used for program staff, student transportation and stipends, credentialing fees and other costs associated with delivery of the program including contracting with Surry Community College staff members, who have established a similar successful program in Surry County.

Matthew GorePO Box 151Whiteville, North Carolina 28472(910) 642-7141
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